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While Vietnam has experienced rapid economic growth over the past two decades and increasing exposure into the world economy, many areas of the country are in need of economic assistance. GVI recognizes that long-term progress is dependent upon continued economic growth and community development. We believe that community development is a process in which communities enter to become better at meeting their own needs. We focus on helping people work together in interdependency to take charge of their situations and move towards a more empowered and satisfying life as individuals and community. With the help of our supporters, GVI will continue to support such development by collaborating with families, schools, businesses, and government organizations throughout northern Vietnam.

Micro-Finance and Business Training -There is an urgent need for training in basic economics, finance, and English to better equip farming communities and help families escape poverty. GVI provides opportunities to help promote economic development in the far northern provinces in Vietnam. Such opportunities include:
- Funding for training sessions on poverty eradication, economics, finance, and agriculture.
- Funding and support for farmers to purchase farming supplies, poultry and water buffalo.
- Funding and support for farmers to build water buffalo corrals which are essential during the cold winter months.
- Funding, education and support for farmers to expand their crops and begin mushroom farming.
- Funding to teach women English lessons, which will increase their earnings potential by giving them the ability to sell their handicrafts to more.

School and Community Improvements - GVI volunteers work with rural area public schools on various construction projects to build gates and fences that help protect students from dangerous roads and avoid unexpected injuries in the mountainous areas. GVI projects have also included the construction of school food preparation areas, dormitories, latrines and outdoor courtyards. Such contributions help the schoolsto improve learning conditions while also helping themreach the national qualification standard recognized by the government.


The talent show, is it just for fun?

The talent show, is it just for fun? Absolutely not. Every year, we host summer camps for children living orphanages in Hanoi. The first night of camp usually include a talent show. This is where children, staff from orphanages as well as our volunteers show their talents and skills. The entertainment value is great and that’s the impact that can [...]

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