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Poverty Alleviation Trip - Fall 2014

November 7, 2014

At the end of October, the 8 member Poverty Alleviation team came to Vietnam with eagerness as they were coming back to their second home and preparing special gifts for the farmers in Lao Cai, who the team loves as their own family. The team experienced much rain and cold but it did not reduce their enthusiasm.

The first part of the trip was the Small Business Training Day. The team took turns sharing information and experiences about finances, budgeting, and communication to a group of 25 farmers. The farmers were interested in learning and practicing the lessons. For some it was their first time attending, for others it was the second time but they all were happy to not only learn but to also have fun with their friends from Texas!

The farmer were enjoying their finances lesson

On another day the team hiked and biked around the mountainous villages to donate 6 water buffaloes to local families. The families appreciated the love and the gifts from the team. The water buffalo donation will dramatically improve the lives of the families, increasing both productivity and income. The team also had a chance to visit families who received water buffaloes from previous years. It was wonderful to see how families had been positively impactedby the special gift.

 The most transformational part of the trip to Bac Ha District was the Spa Day at Nam Mon 1 primary school.

Aw! How cute is the little boy!

Each member of the team, with their love for the children, washed the children’s hands and feet, combed their hair, painted their nails and gave them warm jackets and boots for the coming winter. You could see the joy and excitement in the children’s eyes and with their smiles. They were like the team’s adopted children.

Áo 1
New warm jackets and boots for the coming winter

After one week in Bac Ha – Lao Cai, the team came back to Hanoi and visited Social Sponsor Center 3 (SS3) for two days. The team helped the center set up a computer lab which was donated by GVI. It is GVI’s hope that the students at SS3 will use this lab to study and learn more about technology.

It was not a long trip but it did leave a lot of sweet memories for the team, which makes them look forward to coming back again, year after year.

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