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Northpointe Trip - Oct 2014

October 9, 2014

After 5 months of working together, GVI, the Northpointe team from Australia, along with Mr. Lam, the architect, saw the realization of their big dream at SS3, the Rainbow Kindergarten.The team could not believe their eyes with all the changes made to the bedroom and classroom.There were tears, smiles and hugs for the kids

At the Opening ceremony of the Rainbow Kinder Picture time kids!!! Smile!!!

October 1 was the official opening of Rainbow Kindergarten. It was such a happy day. DOLISA’s Vice Director, SS3’s Director, Northpointe, GVI and all the kids were in attendance to celebrate. This was not only alarge physicalgift but also a large spiritual gift to the children. They are now enjoying being able to study, learn, and play as any normal child in the world.

The delegation cut the inauguration band at the openingceremony of Rainbow Kindergarten


Besides working on the kindergarten, the Northpointe team also helped the Elderly Club have a celebration day. Oct 1st is National Elderly Day. The team prepared a small party for the seniors and they really enjoyed it.


10633329_4878667500216_4205120735286585367_oBeautiful smile!!!

Some of the elderly came from other centers. They said they had never had someone prepare a party for them like the people at SS3. They were even more surprised about going out to the zoo and having lunch at a nice restaurant with the team. One of the elderly men said this was the first time he ever got to go out of the center and have such a nice meal. He felt very lucky!


The elderly enjoyed going out to the Zoo with Northpointe team

It was not a long trip but the members of Northpointe worked hard andhad a lot fun withthe people at SS3. GVI hopes the team will continue coming back tohelp our people more and more.

More pictures here


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