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Eye Care Trip - September 2014

October 1, 2014

GVI has been holding conferences about ophthalmology for doctors and nurses at the National Institute of Ophthalmology (VNIO)hospital since 2009. The purpose of the conferences was to share experiences and exchange skills for US and Vietnamese doctors. GVI’s doctors hope that one day Vietnamese doctors can use these experiences and skills to serve people in their communities.

This year, 2014, that hope was realized. GVI cooperated with VNIO to hold a program for eye examinations and cataract surgery. The medical group included Dr. Michael Hunt from Texas and doctors from VNIO. They traveled to Bac Giang Province (in the North of VN) in the Mobile Eye Clinic and combined with Bac Giang Province Hospital to check 39 patients and do surgery for 30 patients who had cataract problems.

photo 4 Doctor from VNIO is doing cataract surgeryphoto 3Patient with completed eye surgery               

After two days working at Bac Giang Province, Dr. Hunt came back to VNIO to see some pediatric patients and discuss with the doctors and nurses at VNIO to understand and find out the best solution for those pediatric patients.

This trip not only helped the patients in the low income areas of Bac Giang, but also gave the doctors at VNIO a chance to reach outside the city to serve a local community. It’s a new chapter for both GVI and VNIO.

The second part of the trip was at Chuong My District hospital. Dr Hunt and 2 other nurses from Chuong My went to a kindergarten in Hatay District to check the eyes of more than 200 students. Eight of them needed glasses for eye problem.

FullSizeRender Students were excited to wait for their eye check.

2014 is a new opportunity for GVI and VNIO to reach outside the hospital and serve the people. You can join us to help poor patients who are not able to come to the hospital in Hanoi. You can make a big change for Vietnamese people.

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