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Rainbow Kindergarten - Every Child has the Right to Learn

October 9, 2014

Vietnam is in the middle of modernization in terms of economy, society, culture…and education. It is considereda top priority of the nation and children deserve the attention from the society, especially during kindergarten and primary school, the very first steps of their life. They need guidance and care to prepare them for their future education.

Every child has the right to be happy, to play, and to study.That is the goal for GVI and Its Partners, and the entire society. Based on that goal, GVI and its partners are happy to continue their journey with SS3 orphanage to build an education program for preschool-agedchildren to prepare them with knowledge and confidence to join their friends in the primary school.

Studying at the Rainbow Kinder, every single child will receive love, caring, and guidance as other normal children. GVI hopes this will be the strong foundation that will continue to help them throughout their life.

Below are before and after pictures of the new Rainbow Kinder center:

10518616_10202740240173725_2461534954860287589_o  10560532_10202740243933819_4324251423511370931_o  
The front and the back of Rainbow Kinder
10620190_10202740233093548_4765738608537472219_o Inside the classroom

Rainbow Kinder opened on Oct 1st with one teacher, one assistant and 11 kids. GVI hopes to expand this program to preschool children at 11 different Social Sponsor centers in Hanoi.

Who knows, they could become a doctor, a teacher… or a future leader. Hand-in-hand together we can help to make their dreams come true.

Watch for more articles about the Rainbow Kindercoming soon…

More pictures here

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