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Every Student is a Gift - Special Education Training Conference July 2014

August 13, 2014

By Niki Roberts

Every student is a gift. Actually, every person is a gift. Inside each one of us we have strengths and abilities that can be used to help our families and our communities to live in harmony and with success. When we use our uniqueness to help and serve others we are a gift. As we prepare to teach students with disabilities we are to focus on their strengths and abilities more so than on the limitations caused by their disability as we work to empower them to be successful in their society, and to see each one of the students as a gift. This was the theme for our 10th annual Special Education Training Conference in partnership with the Hanoi National University School of Special Education in Hanoi this year.



What a great conference it was too. We had close to 200 participants attended, including university students, teachers, parents and administrators from all over the country. One of the mothers of a student with disabilities greeted me, reminding me this was her seventh or eighth year to attend. Another mother came and reported that the past year presentation made a huge difference for her son as she put into practice the knowledge and advice received at the conference. Because this was our tenth year of partnership, we have had the privilege of making friends with growing relationships. As a matter of fact, I consider many of the faculty members dear friends thanks to the years we have worked and learned together. While it is so wonderful to see familiar faces, it is also nice to see new faces and make new friends.



At the conclusion of the SET Conference we were honored to present a gift to Hanoi National University School of Special Education on behave of GVI and the team of educators throughout the years. Each year we have t-shirts made with the themed title of the conference printed on them, both in English and Vietnamese. Lea Manny, one of our team members this year, made a quilt using a t-shirt representing each of the ten years. The university was so appreciative and excited over the gift and they plan to find a prime spot to hang the quilt at the school.



Every year we have amazing teams, both state side as well as travelers, who help make this engagement opportunity successful and rewarding. Also, a shout out goes to the awesome GVI team in Vietnam who make it all run so smoothly for us and are so filled with joy and have such servant hearts. I personally want to thank all the teams over the ten years who have been obedient and willing to serve. May The Work continue in our hearts and may we continue on this journey by hearing and obeying.


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