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Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity, Lending a helping hand to local widows and orphans in Vietnam

August 4, 2014

By Nick Sage

In the fall of 2013, I began school at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee and was really pushed out of my comfort zone, knowing only one person from home attending Belmont. I came into college with a horrible view of fraternities and had absolutely no desire to go to any rush or promo events. As the year progressed, my eyes were opened to a fraternity that was completely different than any I had ever seen or pictured in my head. I watched this fraternity from a safe distance and made sure not to get too close, still with a very negative view of Greek life. As my spring semester approached I went to my first rush event and started to inquire more about this fraternity. After getting to know more and more members, I made the decision to begin my association with Phi Kappa Tau. The incredible philanthropy and community service events that the fraternity offers, absolutely drew me in.

Later in the spring, I heard about a new community service event that our community service head was proposing. We wanted to do a project working alongside an organization called BothHands. BothHands is a non-profit foundation that provides care and service to both widows and orphans, hence being the both hands like that can be found in James 1:27. This foundation has done some incredible work all throughout the world. The types of projects BothHands does are completely funded by community donations. These donations are very similar to how a runner might raise money for a marathon; donors would give money for the runner to run the race but that money would be given to the race’s organization of choice.

I saw an opportunity to support an organization that I am passionate about, Glocal Ventures or GVI. Since GVI supports orphans and orphanages in Vietnam this was a great match. Similarly, members in Phi Kappa Tau sent out donation letters for people to sponsor us to do work at a widow’s house, while the money was raised would go to support the Birla Orphanage in Vietnam. Our relatively small, 50 member fraternity, was able to raise about $1000 for the orphanage, while also being able to serve many grateful widows, through cleaning windows, mild painting, and just being there to care for them. BothHands has done projects worldwide and was a great help to facilitate such a cool and rewarding experience for not only the widows and orphans but fraternity members who would normally not have the ability to show their love and support to the country of Vietnam.


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