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Island Evangelical Community Church Team - April 2014

May 1, 2014

Every year since 2012, Island ECC from Hong Kong has traveled to Thai Giang Pho middle school in BacHa.The men’s group has taken on some heavy infrastructure projects such as paving the schoolyard and building a new kitchen. See the results below:


Thai Giang Pho’s kitchen and schoolyard then and now..

You can see the difference between the old and new. The new kitchen now provides more space to cook and is a safer environment for the teacher/cooks. The new schoolyard cuts down on the mud and allows for more diverse activities. This inviting space makes the children want to play and be with their friends which results in higher attendance at school.

This year the team built a new cafeteria. Now the students have a clean, dry place to eat their meals.

In addition, the group taught English classes and coordinated a carnival.


Island ECC playing games and activities with the students.

The teachers and students at Thai Giang Pho were so excited about the many outdoor activities to enjoy! But the main reason the team comes back every year is to share their love, strengthen friendships, and transform lives. Coming back feels like home. The students and teachers at Thai Giang Pho Middle school are always very happy and eager tosee the team again too.

Having fun with friends

Can you see how different it is in Thai Giang Pho Middle School? For some it might seem to be small things, but for the students and teachers in this mountainous area, it is a big change for them.

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