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Medical Team Trip to Hanoi - February 2014

April 16, 2014

Four team members traveled this year to Vietnam from February 9-15. Three of the four travelers have been part of Vietnam trips in the past, and all came with an eager spirit to help the local people. Dr. Christopher King – Primary Care Physician and Chairman of the Primary Care/ Hospital Committee with Premiere Patient Healthcare, an Accountable Care Organization (ACO); Phil Getz – Emergency Medical Technician (EMT); Sylvia Getz - Dental Hygienist; and Jamie McNulty - teacher. The group spent four days in the rural Chuong My district, outside of Hanoi.

The first two days were spent checking the health of 120 wounded soldiers at the Local Clinic Center. The soldiers were happy to come and have their health checked. Although the weather was cold and rainy, they came and waited for their turn to be checked, some of them even waited until 7pm.

The war is over but the wounds and pain remain. As the years go by and they are getting older, the pain increases, especially when the weather changes. But the soldiers came to the clinic with smiles on their faces and really wanted to be checked by the GVI Medical Team. One 97 year-old woman said, “The doctor must love the Vietnamese a lot. He comes here to check our health for us, he is so nice and he is a good doctor”.

Holding Dr. King’s hand, a 97 year-old village woman is giving a million thanks for the care he has given.

For two days while at Chuong My Hospital, Dr. King and Mr. Getz taught Dr. Minh, from the Emergency Department, how to use the CPR machine. They also shared experiences about handling emergencies to the doctors and nursing students. Initially the students were very shy, but eventually they overcame their shyness and asked a lot of questions of Dr. King and Mr. Getz.



The final two days of the trip the team spent checking the health and oral hygiene of the children at Social Sponsor Center 3 (SS3) and toothbrushes were distributed. Afterwards recreational time was spent with all the residents, young and old, renewing friendships and making new ones.




The trip has ended, but plans are being made for future trips. Whether you have a specific medical skill, or just a love for others, why not come and join with GVI to help the Vietnamese people? If you are interested in more information about GVI’s impact on Vietnam, contact us at


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