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Nam Mon II Primary School - Looking Back Five Years

December 6, 2013

Nam Mon II Primary School, nestled in the mountains of the Nam Mon community, is located in Bac Ha District, Lao Cai Province. Five years ago the school had a lot of challenges. Although it is located on the main road leading to town, it was in very poor condition. No concrete school yard for the students, poor cooking conditions, limited health and hygiene education and a low level of nutritional meals. They only had the main building for study. GVI has been working with Nam Mon II on school improvements since 2009, including water filtration, an improved cooking area, a new latrine, adding a computer lab and chicken farm, and nutritional support and clothing for the children. By March 2011 Nam Mon II Primary School was recognized by the Vietnamese government for their improvements and received the National Standard Level award

This picture is of the GVI team at the school the day of the National Standard Level ceremony.

 “Now we have meat, vegetable, and eggs for lunch. We love to go to school,” says a boy from Nam Mon II, a boy of H’mong ethnicity.

“I want to let my son go to Nam Mon II Primary School, not another school, because Nam Mon II Primary School has meat and eggs for lunch,” says the student’s parent.

“Now we have a cement school yard to play on, it’s not muddy. I can run and run without falling,” says a group of boys.

“I look great. I have a new haircut, my nails were painted and I’m beautiful,” says a little girl.

“We are happy with the mushroom farm. After studying, we spend time taking care of the mushrooms, so we have more food to eat at school,” says a group of fifth grade students.

Smile!!! Happy to see you again!!!

See the needs of the school, and the difference that has been made with the help of GVI volunteers, school children, staff and community members.

Nam Mon II Primary’s gate school then and now.

GVI helped to rebuild the kitchen and the school yard.

The kitchen before and after.

Five years ago students brought their lunch to school. They only had rice and vegetables or bamboo and salt. They looked skinny and were small for their age.

GVI is now supporting a nutrition program at the school. The project supports 59 boarding students with breakfast, lunch and dinner 1 day a week. That day is called “GVI’s Day”. Everyday teachers bring fresh foods from the market that is carried by motorbike. The cook staff then makes the meals for the students in a fully refurbished and safe kitchen.

A healthy meal with pork, eggs and mushrooms

Not only does GVI support meals, we also teach health and hygiene skills to help improve the quality of living. Recently a GVI team came and helped students clean their hands and feet and provided hair stylists to wash and style/cut hair.

You have such a beautiful hand!

VangThi Sa, a fifth grade student said,“I am very happy to study at this school. With the support of GVI nutrition we have better meals and that makes us healthier and better in learning. We also learn about life skills such as hygiene, washing handsand outdoor activities. Thank you so much.”

Can you see how people are serving by love? Can you see how the students and teachers in Vietnam are impacted? Come and join with us to change the world!

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