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Poverty Alleviation/ Health & Hygiene - November 2013

December 2, 2013

Life for people in Bac Ha District, Lao Cai Province is far from joy and play. Some of the students have to stay home and help their family to do farm work rather than going to school or playing with other children. Their families don’t have water buffalo to plow the fields so they have to do it with conventional tools, which results in low productivity and little to harvest.

The Poverty Alleviation (PA) team came to Vietnam to support a project that helps families purchase a water buffalo. This year the team, along with others back in the United States, donated funds towards 3 water buffaloes for 3 families: Sung Seo Chung, Hoang Van Phuc and Lu Van Xin. Having a water buffalo is a big thing to them. They don’t need to do farm work by themselves anymore, so it will allow them time for other work and a higher crop yield.


Water buffalo donation

Another activity of the team is to sponsor families farming mushrooms. This is a new product for the farmers in the village and uses the waste from their rice and corn fields to fertilize the mushroom plantings. The team visited several mushroom farms in the village to follow up with them to see how their new crops were progressing. The families have succeeded in planting mushrooms and want to share the experience with other families in the village.

The PA team also spent time conducting health and hygiene training for more than 200 students at Nam Mon I and Nam Mon II Primary Schools. After the lessons, all the students received a toothbrush and soap. The team has taught health and hygiene at Nam Mon II Primary School many times, but this is the first time for Nam Mon 1 Primary School. The teachers and students were very eager to learn and welcomed the team with open arms.

Can you see my healthy teeth?

One special activity during the week was washing hair, feet and hands for 45 students at Lang Muong satellite school. The teacher at Lang Muong satellite school said, “This is the first time the students look clean. I will encourage my students to keep their body clean to have a good study at school.” The team also had a chance to visit another local school named Su Chu Chai and hang out with the students. This was such a blessing time for the kids here. 180 students received warm jackets and boots from the team. Winter is coming, so they will not have to worry about the wet and cold weather anymore and have more encouragement to go to school.

It was only 1 week, but the team did a lot to impact the lives of the people here in Vietnam.

If you have joined any trips with GVI in Vietnam in the past, please write to us to share your memoriesand your love. Thank you for laying a brick to build the path of transformation.


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