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Alamo Community Service Trip - October 2013

October 18, 2013

In March 2013, the team from Alamo Church in Houston, Texas, came to Vietnam and helped Thai Giang Pho Primary School build 2 more rooms in a dormitory  for boarding students that live too far from school to travel home during the school week. To give the children more opportunities to play together, the team came back from Oct 6th to Oct 12th and helped the school pave 3,000 square feet of school yard. Now 70 boarding students have a playground to hang out and play together. No matter what the weather, rainy or sunny, the students still want to go to school to play with their friends, and the classes are no longer dirty because of the mud tracked into the school.

Working hard!!!

The Alamo team not only poured concrete but also cleaned the classrooms, as well as cleaned the beds and hung the blankets to dry. They gave the students the idea to keep their place tidy, so they will have a goodnight after school.

The team also helped 53 students at Ngai Thau satellite school with health and hygiene lessons. The kids were shown how to clean their hands before they eat. This is a good lesson for the kids, because they learn how to protect themselves and stay healthy.

We all have beautiful and clean hand!!!

In the evening, the Alamo team spent time visiting some student’s homes who study at Thai Giang Pho Primary School where GVI supports the lunch for the students. When the team came to one of the student’s home, the grandmother came out and said, “Is he the one that gave my child the warm jacket and the back pack? If so, please tell him a million thanks from me. With his help my grandson got a chance to go to school, and I’m very happy.” This is just one in many other inspirational stories that have been shared. It is such a blessing to get this great feedback from people that once were in need of help.

GVI and their team were utterly touched and encouraged to come back, eager to sharing their love and care for more people here in Vietnam.

More pictures here

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