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Forefront community team 2013 trip

August 22, 2013

A ten member team was a biggest team of Forefront Community team seen they started coming to Vietnam and partnering with GVI to make the transformation.

A ten member team came this year in August 8th and worked in Sapa until August 17th. With the main reasons as the past year were sharing love, strengthening the friendship and making a transformation, team came back to Ta phin as family members came back their home. Hugging, shaking hands, laughing, telling stories, recalling the memories and tears were how the team was welcomed back by Sapa Education & Training Department, teachers of Sapa district and Ta phin villagers, especially the children who live near by Ta phin middle school. 

Smile!!! Happy to see you again!!!

 During the time in Sapa, a big teacher conference with 4 topic: Starting after school clubs, Persuasive reading and writing, English as a second language , Public speaking was held by the team for more than 100 teachers from different schools in Sapa. After many years keeping the dream alive and after many months to prepare for this big conference, Forefront - GVI and the Sapa Education & Traning Department had worked so well together to make the dream come true. “The Teacher conference was a great success. It shouldn’t be held only in Sapa district but the whole Lao cai province.” – Mr. Duc – The head of Sapa Education & Training department said after the conference.

Who will be the volunteer???

 After 2 days of the conference, team spent the rest of the time to work on concreting 200m2 of the path which connected the student’s dormitories and the latrines at Ta phin middle school; to visit Ta phin primary school and kindergarten to hang out with the children and to review the result of the nutrition program which started since 2010; to visit the water project which was built for a part of Ta phin village in 2009.


The trip is over now but what stays in Taphin is the memory of last few days with smiling faces; laughters; tears; hugs; experiences and what starts in the plan of Forefront Community team is: “It will be important for GVI-forefront to begin planning for next year’s engagement. There is much to do and we are excited to be able to be a partner with GVI to serve the people of Taphin and Sapa.” – Dan Pollard – Forefront community team’s leader.

There are many difficulties to overcome to make the dreams come true but just believe that love will find a way!


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