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Brindabella College - First trip to Vietnam

May 1, 2013

Brindabella College,from Lyneham, Australia visited Vietnam from April 12 to April 22. Although this was the first time the team of 12 came to Vietnam, they had heard many exciting things about the country beforehand.

Upon arriving at SS3 everything was so new and unfamiliar to the team, but the center and the kids were friendly and so welcoming. They quickly got to know the kids and played with them. The team also visited with the elderly and talked with them about their daily life. Both the children and the elderly were so happy that they even forgot their lunch and nap time!

The Brindabella team helped the center clean-up the garden and then donated grasses and 300 plants to bring beauty back to the garden.

Let’s make it green!!!!!!

The team also helped clean the ball house - threw out old and broken balls and replaced them with 500 new balls. The kids were so excited to play with these new balls, even though there were not enough balls for the whole house.

I love to play in the ball house!!! –Little Phuong from SS3 said.

This was the first time but the team enjoyed so much. A small party was prepared for the kids and the elderly. Friendship and love was built and these made a sweet memory for Brindabella College about Vietnam and SS3.

Another part of the trip was working at Hau Thao middle school in Sapa, Lao Cai. The team came to the school with their willingness to paint 56 meters (184’) of the fence. The team taught students English and sang English songs. The 162 students and 47 teachers enjoyed playing and studying with the team. Another activity with the team was a special spa day for the girls. They cleaned girls’ hands and painted their nails. Half of the team played soccer and volley ball outside with the boys.


This first trip provided a lot of new views of life. The team developed big bricks in the relationship between team and partners. These were the bricks of Friendship and Love and that was what they called for.


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