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ECC Hong Kong Community 4.2013

May 1, 2013

Look at this picture and what is in your mind?

This was the kitchen of Thai Giang Pho middle school for years. It was where to prepare meals for 112 boarding students. At this state, we do not mention about the hygiene yet. Let’s think about what would have happened if…What if the kitchen caught fire? What if storm and rain come? What if harsh winter with big wind come? What if a snake or something else got in the kitchen or the cupboard? What if…..

ECC Hong Kong Community has been partnering with GVI since last year. They have shared us their thought about their passion to share the Love and to help the school in many ways.

After last trip with paving 400m2 school yard, they came back this year in April to continue to serve as they heard the Calling.

Only 2 days there but look at this

This new kitchen has been built with tears, sweats and laughter. 112 school boarders and their teachers and their 63 school friends (who are not boarders) were so happy to work together with team to make their life in a better condition and their school in a better change.

There is still a latrine, a water tank, a bathroom, a cafeteria needs to be built, warm coats and nutrition for students need to be supported and there are more and more needs…. But nothing can stop us because HANDS IN HANDS TOGETHER WE CAN!!!

Here is a last question of this article:

WHAT IF we do not feel the LOVE and hear the CALLING????

more Pictures here

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