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GVI's Scholarship for Huyen - 'The Little Girl's Big Dream Comes True'

October 8, 2012
Huyen SS3 received scholarship from GVI.

Huyen SS3 is a small girl with a big heart. The reason why she was chosen to be given GVI’s scholarship is not only because of her effort of overcoming difficulty in her life to achieve high score in the entrance exam to university but also because of her heart for the orphans at SS3.

She sympathizes, understands and loves the kids at SS3 who have the same difficulties like her. She has a part time job (a tutor) and gets a small amount of money but she often brings small gifts to Yen, Tri, Hieu. She spent time to talk to Nhung who is reaching the age of juvenile to help Nhung to get out of her shyness and lacking of confidence about her appearance. She comes back the center when she has free time to help other kids with their school works and helps the moms with taking care of the babies.

She also wants to be a volunteer for GVI to bring “small happiness” to the SS3 kids by translating the letters from the friends and go with GVI’s staffs to buy shoes, school supplies and books for her SS3 family. She said: “I am so happy to do stuff like this because it is just like I am doing this for myself. It is a great feeling when I am able to do something for others”.

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