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Area 10 Community June 2012 Trip

June 29, 2012

Each time we come to SS3 to visit, the kids always ask when their moms and dads, brothers and sisters from Richmond will come to see them again????

Oh, how I miss you!.

Many many questions and waiting days were answered by this June 2012 when the team from Richmond came back with 11 members (old members and new ones) to work at SS3 and to take the kids on a beach trip.

Both American volunteers and SS3 kids & staffs were so happy to see each other again that they burst into tears, the tears of happiness, the tear of the reunion.

Hands in hands they talked about what had happened since last year and what they wished for this year and years to come. Together they played and laughed.

Together they helped with the watering the vegetable for the center, but they watered each other instead. How many times can you hear that pure laughter? How many times have you experienced the dearest love atmosphere that was built by the people from 2 different sides of the earth without the common in language?

Beach time was the remarkable time of the year for them. The kids had been prepared performances, games and many other things for the trips. They had been talking about that through the year. Being actors and actresses in Sleeping Beauty, the kids said they wanted to do their best to perform for their moms, dads, brothers and sisters to let them know that they love them too.

Say: "BEACH!!!".

When a member of the team shared them the story of her life (she was left on the road when she was a baby and now she be able to stand in front of them and to tell them about her happy family and successful job.). That was a touching moment and the tears came out. That did not just make the kids feel the common between them but also made them look at her story to be stronger, to stand up and to walk confidently into the life path.

The trip was ended with hugs and tear but we all knew that we were planting the happy seeds in their souls. And yes, we will together water them to make them grow up as big healthy trees.

Pictures here

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