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Fellowship of Oso Creek Service November 2011Trip

December 1, 2011

To continue the project and to strengthen the friendship, Oso Creek Community team came to Ban Ho again in November 2011.

The team with the teachers and workers continued to pave Ban Ho School’s yard which gave 190 students and 20 teachers more space to do activities. Team also did English, art and game classes for 281 students (middle school, primary school and kindergarten).

As hearing the need of equipment, team also gave the Sputum sucking machine to Ban Ho clinic which would help about 959 people in the surrounding area.

Tea time with the teachers and playing time with the students are always special times of the trip. But this time was more. This time, the school held a Bonfire Festival night. There had performances from students and teachers and team. Not only teachers and students of Ban Ho School but also the villagers and the parents of students joined the night. Holding hand dancing around the bonfire, singing together, dancing together were the precious times we had.

Saying goodbye was the most difficult part. There was word, there was song, there was laughter but there also was tear. Ban Ho teachers and students knew that the team will COME BACK but there was still sadness because they knew they would not see the team for a while.


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