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Forefront Community Service Trip

September 29, 2011

By Dan Pollard - Forefront Community From Virginia Beach, VA

 Five members of Forefront Community (Virginia Beach, VA) in partnership with members of Glocal Ventures Inc. Hanoi staffs travelled to Sapa Vietnam to engage TaPhin Village.

Projects were undertaken at the TaPhin Middle School. They included the near completion of the second half of a dormitory, a teacher’s conference for approximately 25-30 local teachers, and registration of new students in the nutrition program.

At the end of the visit, the dormitory was completed with exception of the floor and furnishings. The teacher’s conference was a continuation of instruction that has been provided over the last three years. Some methods were new and some were review. The teachers spent three full days of instruction with the conference participants. Families and Children gathered at the TaPhin Kindergarten and PreSchool to enroll in the school lunch nutrition program 60-70 families were processed. This was a fantastic way for us to see the need and to spend time with the families.

Each trip deepens our relationships with the leadership at TaPhin School and with the local village leadership. Transcending any infrastructure improvement or conference is the relational deposits that are beginning to bear fruit. Our purpose from the beginning was to reach our people group (Mien/Red Dao). What has come about is more of a universal reaching of school staff, village leadership, and peripheral people – Sapa shop owners, drivers, hotel staff, and others. Amazing opportunities abound as we continue our commitment of relationship-based work.

Our vision includes fresh water for every person, safe shelter at the schools, nutrition, and education. These basics bring health and enhancement in the lives of their recipients. We would all consider them to be non-negotiable here in our country. We are seeing the improvements in lives because of these relatively small project investments. We wish we had more resources!

Lives Changes – Yes, lives have been changed there but I am referring to the lives of those that have taken one of our trips. We are now seeing a small cadre of Forefronters that are coming back again and again. This further deepens the relationships. We have been changed, wrecked (in a good way), and moved to a deeper level of personal commitment.

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