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Your Help Needed to Pioneer Child Protection in Vietnam

April 7, 2011

Child Protection and awareness of child abuse and domestic violence are relatively new fields in the fast-changing, modern society of Vietnam. Glocal Ventures has joined forces with Vietnamese agencies in pioneering policies and frameworks for Child Protection and prevention of domestic violence. The National Hospital of Pediatrics, a long-term partner of GVI, told us about the needs in this area and its plans to address this vital issue. We quickly found Spanish volunteer Gerard Cascallo, who could start helping the Hospital. Gerard has a Masters degree in Psychology, lives in Hanoi and has extensive experience in this field.

There are also lots of ways you too can help in this important and new domain. Here are needs that our partners have expressed:
- help identifying signs of abuse and domestic violence
- help designing protocols and procedures for handling this
- help designing counseling and therapeutic services for victims of child abuse and domestic violence
- they want to learn other models of integrated services and how they work together eg. the hospital, the school, government services, follow up services, etc.

If you or your group fit one of these professions with specific experience in Child Protection, we need your help!
- Medical professionals (e.g. they’ve specifically asked for pediatricians and gynecologists with experience in treating and helping victims of abuse)
- Social workers and counselors
- Law enforcement
- Lawyers, paralegals
- Educators, teachers

If this is a topic that has affected you or your loved ones, you can share your stories and experiences to encourage people in Vietnam going through the same thing. If you are a champion or an advocate for Child Protection you can share what is happening in your community at home.

Another way to help in this area is to come and teach/ train/ talk about positive steps to prevent domestic violence. If you are involved in family-related ministry, you can share about healthy family communication, alternatives to physical punishment, how to encourage children and build them up, and how they are "fearfully and wonderfully made."

If you would like to explore ways that you and your group can help in this area, email Children in Vietnam need your help!

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