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Christmas in January for SS3 Children

February 3, 2011

Children at Sponsor Society 3 (SS3) orphanage received a late Christmas present : a ball pit and new playground equipment. Asked how the children liked their new equipment, orphanage senior staff Mr. Thanh answered, "They have been skipping their afternoon nap because they're so excited about their new play equipment!" As for the reactions from the children, their faces say it all.

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The equipment was part the SS3 engagement and development strategy of Northpointe Church in Canberra, Australia. Since 2008, Northpointe (formerly Gungahlin Community Church) has sent monthly funds to improve the nutritional intake for children at SS3 by providing milk, protein and medicine. During their first trip to SS3 in 2009, Northpointe learned of the need for an all-purpose sheltered area on the premises. They rose to the challenge and raised funds to build the shelter and a paved area, and had extra for new playground equipment at two SS3 campuses as well. A team of seven volunteers broke ground on the construction of the shelter in November, 2010, which was completed in mid-January.

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The 2-storey high sheltered area will make a big difference in the everyday life and activities for young and old residents of SS3 (the centre is also a nursing home for seniors and elderly whose families cannot care for them). It will be especially welcome in the sweltering summer heat as a source of shade, and also provides an all-weather space for activities ranging from ceremonies, parties, exercise, sports and games.

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