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All I Want for Christmas is...Pigs??!

December 16, 2009

Our donors' generosity will make it a merry Christmas for both campuses of Sponsor Society 3 (SS3), an orphanage and elderly centre in Hanoi. At the Lac Trung campus, a donation from friends in Canberra, Australia provided a new set of clothes and shoes for Tet (Lunar New Year, the major holiday in Vietnam), and lots of supplies, like diapers and baby toys. Electric heaters were also provided for the Lac Trung Centre (there is no central heating in Hanoi, and it can get as cold as 5-10 Celsius/40-50 Fahrenheit in the winter.)

The "main campus" of SS3 was blessed with a totally different kind of gift - you could call it a gift that keeps on giving. Three donors from the US helped launch a livestock program at the centre. Their gift provided the centre with 25 pigs, an enclosure for them (a pig pen) and feed. Some pigs will be slaughtered and eaten. This will provide additional and much-needed protein for the centre's residents, particularly the elderly. SS3 will use the donation to buy chickens in the spring (the program managers think it best to wait until after winter because prices will be lower, and also there will be less risk that the chickens die of cold). Some of the chickens and pigs will be bred and sold for profit, which will make the program self-sustaining.

Slowly but surely, the lives of orphans and the elderly at SS3 are being transformed. In his book "Kingdom Communities," development practioner Jeffrey Palmer writes that community development with a focus on His kingdom is a tangible way of making the true source of Love and Hope known in this world. Our friends from near and far are using their resources to make this a reality at SS3!

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