Hawaii Students Come to Share Aloha at SS3




In Hawaii the word Aloha is used in a similar fashion as the Vietnamese greeting of “Xin Chao,” but Aloha also can mean “love.”That is exactly what the 7 students from Hawaii brought with them, a lot of Aloha. In addition to a huge box of toys and school supplies, the “Hawaiians” brought some of their culture to share with a “hula” dance and music from the islands.One of the older Vietnamese gentlemen was so inspired by the music that he broke out into a boisterous Vietnamese song!It was a fun time for all of the generations present. img_0676

With summer in full swing the Hawaiians know how to cool off with a delicious dessert called “Shave Ice”.Shave ice is a treat which can be described as powdery snow with sweet fruit-flavored syrup poured over the top.Through some connections of some Hawaii expat friends, the Hawaiians were able to borrow the special machine to make the treat for the children.


What better way to have some fun in the sun than with an exciting water balloon fight!The plan was to start off with a water balloon toss game, but no sooner than the balloons were within reach of the kids, the battle was on.The children ended up with the upper hand as they had kept a hidden stash of balloons and had fun soaking their new friends from Hawaii.After everyone had a chance to get wet the Hawaiians bid the children a fond Aloha and Mahalo! (Thank you!) with a plan to return next year for more fun.img_0808